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Monday  - Friday
2.00pm  -  10.00pm
Saturday  10.00am-2.00pm
Sunday - private bookings
Walking Football


        Every Thursday Over 50's Walking Football

                             Open to Men & Women

If you think your football days are over then think again!

The rules are the same as 5 aside with one big difference, you can only walk!! No running, no sprinting, slide tackling, just walking.

Any breaking of these rules are penalised by free kicks

It’s time to re-launch your football career, at a slower pace.

Over 50's players can get fit whilst having fun. Improve your cardio vascular fitness, increase muscle strength and joint mobility or simply remember and relive those wonderful footy days.

Play the game you love but lower the chances of injury

You’re never too old to play! It’s a Non-contact sport!

The social aspect of the session is as important as the game itself.

So, if you used to play football but now find its too much or

if you’ve never had the chance to be involved , walking football

is the perfect introduction to playing football for people

aged 50 years and over, no upper age limit!

Please check with your Doctor for permission to participate

Every Thursday at -

New session starting Thursday 19th